Beards and Things You Didn’t Think You Would Know Until You Knew, Today

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Family, Humor, Life
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I aint doing shit today! Imma cat.

Things you are about to know that you didn’t know and that you did not think you would know, today, about beards.

I have a beard. I have a 2 year old, almost, daughter who just now is beginning to outgrow her 12 month old clothes, and she does not have a beard. Yet. My wife baked me a big ass Funfetti Cake last night, I ate one piece and am taking a big piece for lunch. My wife will not let her beard grow out, so she does not have a beards, also too. I will brush my beard this morning, four times on each side and twice in the middle. Coffee is hot. Well, y’all might have known that one.


No beard yet, hopeful.

OK! Think about those thoughts and now knowing what ya’ll know, know that those thoughts have been thunked.

It has been a while and I needed to post something, why not something about things.

No Shave Never


  1. paulheels says:

    Yes she is. She already knows it too.


  2. awwww she’s so cute


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