Beards Just Try to Get Shit Done

Posted: January 10, 2013 in Grilling/Cooking, Humor, Life
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Yesterday was one of my days off. Since the weather has been quite unfrightful, I decided to get a fencing project done that I have been wanting to do. It wasn’t a large fence. I tend to do alot of work on my off days. Usually setting me up for a tiring first few days back to work. Well, yesterday turned into a get shit done day.


The morning began with me sending my wife off to work. That is usually a pretty easy job and yesterday was no different. Next I got Baby Gurr awake, dressed, fed and off to daycare. After daycare I went to Goodwill to drop some stuff off. Luckily they were closed or I would have come home with more stuff than I took. Coffee mugs probably. Got back home, swapped vehicles, went to Lowes to get fence supplies. I made a quick stop into walmart for the sole purpose of beginning my lethal war against house finches.

House finches if you are not aware, are an invasive species of bird, from Europe. They are the birds you will typically see around fast food restaurants, garden centers and they are the ones who nest in the signs of the same places. I have had a bluebird house for three years. The first year, I had no idea what these cute little birds were, so I let them live. The next two years, I tried non lethal approaches to hinder the nest building. Last year I had success with a technique using fishing string. Well, they figured away around that and destroyed all five of my bluebird eggs. Since the bluebirds left, I allowed the shitty little damn finches to build a nest, lay eggs and then I destroyed it all, without remorse. This year, its a war, and there will be no survivors. House finches will die, all of them. I got me a BB gun. I know it sounds bad, but they are ruthless towards native birds. They will build nests on top of hatched bluebirds and kill them.

Ok, now that is out of my system. I began building my fence. Next I began the process of making homemade sourdough bread from my starter. This was the result, it turned out great. It is in total about a six hour process.


In the meantime, I had to cook dinner. So I lathered up a pork loin roast with some stuff and pecans and a sweet drizzle of awesomeness. Put that on the EGG and let it cook about 3 hours.


The last thing I did in this crazy day was bottle some homemade beer. Heyyyooo! Bottled about 16, 16oz bottles.a couple off the bottles are larger than 16 oz. My wife even helped me with that! It is an Octoberfest. Those bottles on the right are my muscadine wine.


I even found a little time in the day to work on my knitting project. Beards get shit done. Unless beer drinking and story telling is involved. Ya’ll know any bearders that can tell stories? I bet you do. We are good at that.

No Shave Never

Paul Heyyyooo

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