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Posted: February 1, 2013 in Family, Humor, Life, Random
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It’s damn near gardening time y’all. Actually, it’s always gardening time. But I didn’t grow a winter garden so, I’m having to start now. Growing a garden seems to be an “old person” thing now a days. It’s a damn shame. People my age, y’all gotta do better.

Not only can people not even grow a plant anymore, I know good and well most people probably don’t even know how to use a hoe After watering and fertilizing your plants, hoeing is the next most important thing in gardening vegetable gardens. The hoe, such an easy useful awesome tool.

There is not much about gardening that is not country. I mean country, not just southern, cause people outside the south can do some damn fine gardening too.

There are staples all gardens should have. Tomatoes, squash, beans, peppers, cucumbers, and okra. You gotta have these, even if you don’t eat them.

The greatest thing about growing a garden is being able to share your crop with friends and family.

Gardening Tips:
Manure. aka some form of animal poop to make your plants bigger than anyone else’s.
Hoe. A good sturdy hoe and the knowledge how to use it
Water. The best and cheapest is caught rain water!
You must go look at your plants daily, especially in the early stages of growth.
Weed, the garden. Otherwise you are gonna hate the summer when the nut grass is waist high.
Gotta keep furry animals out. The best method of this is keeping the snakes in. Rats bad, snakes good.

There is alot of other shit, I just can not remember right now. Gardening is so east, you can do it in the ground or in some pots. If you are pressed for space, look into companion gardening.

Here are a couple Links to help you out.

Link 1

Link 2

It is 24 degrees outside, so I am about to head out and lay some pipe. Irrigation pipe. Then gotta build a little box for my tomatoes. Then gotta start my rain catching project, that should provide me enough water to last a month once it is full.

No Shave Never


  1. paulheels says:

    Awesomeness. This is the kind of stuff that intrigues me. And now I will have to try this.



  2. rebecca2000 says:

    I just took a pit. Stuck toothpicks in a circle. You fill up the glass of water daily. It takes 6months to a year to have the seed break. It is pretty cool. Then it grows straight up and down at first.


  3. paulheels says:

    Now that is awesome. My wife and I love avocados. Not sure how well they grow here.

    How did you start it? I might give it a try.


  4. rebecca2000 says:

    I am growing an avocado tree right now. It is my second I started from a pit.


  5. paulheels says:

    Container companion gardening. No weeding, easy to care for. Easier than a child.


  6. rebecca2000 says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a garden, but I really don’t enjoy gardening. If someone would do it for me, it would be perfect.


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