Beard and Baby Gurr’s Most Awesome Doomsdayer Saturday!

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Family, Humor, Life
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Saturday was day two of Baby Gurr and the Beards most awesome weekend alone home without the Beardess being home. You can go back and check out how eccentric and crazy we were on Friday Here.

Saturday would be no different in the crazy, whirlwind kind of way. After waking up, getting dressed, feeding the animals and eating some food, Baby Gurr and myself were off! The morning was a crisp cool morning with a hint of precipitation. As we made out way down I20, the “hint” of precipitation slowly, yet methodically, burst into a grand show of full on rain, slapping my windshield with the fury of 100 old people fighting over the last carton of double churned, extra soft ice cream.

We successfully made our way off the interstate into the general area of the barrel seller. As I approached the next turn, I saw, in the oncoming distance, something not similar to the black asphalt roadway we had been navigating. Yep, sure as a Golden Corral heart attack, it was a damned ole dirt road. Exciting!

But, I quickly remembered that I did not know this dirt road or anyone on it. So I proceeded with caution, in a very cautionary way so, as to be not without caution. Because, I was going to buy something I found on Craigslist, and we have all heard the stories bout some of those dealings. But I was prepared, in all ways.

We arrived at the residence safely. A nice young lady came out and showed me my barrels and took my money, in a very nice way. As I was loading, we had some small talk, and she began talking about “prepping”. I was a little confused. I thought maybe she was talking about prepping for new construction or demolition or something of that nature.

Well, no, she wasn’t. She was talking about DOOMSDAY prepping! YES! finally got to meet a real live doomsdayer. But, she seemed less thrilled about it than her husband, whom I did not get to meet unfortunately. Great times though.

After getting my barrels, Baby Gurr and myself began our trek back to Aiken, yet again battling through rain and sleet. Once back home, I dragged Baby Gurr back to Lowe’s Home Improvement, this trip lasted about an hour and ten minutes.

If you have never taken a tired two year old to a home improvement store, alone, for over an hour, you are living a boring life.

I know how my dog feels while playing fetch now, though he actually loves playing fetch, but I do not enjoy chasing Baby Gurr’s papi all over Lowe’s. At one point there were three adults chasing and looking for this papi. She was laughing and having a grand ole time. You want to ruin a child’s day? Take away something they think is a fun game, but to you it’s an annoyance. Then all those pipe fitting in reach get wailed like Zeus raining lightening bolts on mere humans.

We made it home and Baby Gurr went to nap, cause I wore her ass out again! Two days in a row!

The Beardess got home early to beat the impending blizzard that would rock the Eastern Carolinas. I cooked a delicious homemade meal. We ate.

The weekend slowly came to an end so abruptly I almost did not want to go to work on Sunday. I looked back on my weekend with Baby Gurr and know that she learned so much about shopping at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Here is the project that she was helping me with. It is a rain catching system that I will use to water the garden. This is Phase One, Phase Two is the installation of a solar panel and electric water pump. The rain barrels are 55 gallon drums.

So excited to be going to buy barrels with daddy. Cheese face, crackers!!!!


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