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Posted: February 23, 2013 in Humor, Life, Random
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I usually have something to talk about that I want to share. Some times there just ain’t nothing there to share. Well, nothing that would make any sense because either I am having a hard time writing it down or, it is too short of a story.

So days like this I like to just put everything down, and let it roll. It is what it is, and nothing more than what it will be.

If you can follow along then you have the sense of humor and imagination of the most awesome 31 year old who has the imagination and sense of humor of, well, the most awesome 31 year old named Paul.

Now this might sound somewhat conceited, and it is. I believe myself to be awesome. You can not be a great writer or Twitterer without having a good bit of self promotion and moxie.

That does not matter though. Because right now I am sitting in my couch that reclines into a recliner listening to the rain drops of an El NiƱo storm bounce off the metal cap of my fireplace chimney. I love the rain, all the time.

I am more happy about this rain than usual because of my rain barrel irrigation system that I built.You can read about that here by clicking this sentence

As I have immersed myself into the “off the grid” community, I have not become a dooms day prepper. I repeat I have not become a doomsday prepper.

But I am very intrigued in “off the grid” alternatives to “on the grid” because, well its just fun and saves money.

Got my hair did on Thursday. Went into Great (Marginal) Clips. Asked for 1/2 inch to removed, two inches just about, hit the cold, hard floor of the slaughterhouse for hair. If anyone works at Marginal (Great) Clips, I am not generalizing all salons. The one where I live, it is a damn terrifyingly grand adventure every time I go. Look at me, I gotta keep my shit right, because my hair is beautiful.

It’s ok though, it is hair, it will grow back, at least it will on my head. I have some friends my age who, if their hair got cut to short, they would be balder-er. But that’s ok,t wouldn’t be a big deal if they would grow a beard, then no one would know they were bald because they wouldn’t look pass their beard.

Speaking of looking past something. Which one is it? I know I have two teachers and two professional writers who say they read this, and I know of quite a few other people who read this who are teachers as well. Answer the damn question.

Marginal Clips is right beside the Golden Corral. I want to go there and eat their delicious grilled to order meat buffet. And salad. But I don’t.

The birds are a calling. Let’s me know that spring is approaching. I love the birds chirping. I am probably one of the few that enjoy them chirping right outside my window of our bedroom, so that is why I have the bird feeder next to it. If you don’t like birds chirping in the morning, you need to eat more bacon.

I walked out into the cold ass pouring rain to get this picture of my updated rain barrel project.


I usually proof read my work two or three times to ensure that there are no grammatical errors, and that where there are grammatical errors they are correctly placed and correctly incorrect. It is part of my style.

My English professor in college who taught us English did not understand that, and awarded me improperly bad grades on writing assignments. I told her, this was my style and that as long as everything was spelled properly that it should be correct. She disagreed. I told her that I did not care about all the other English crap, that I only wanted to care about the writing part of this class and I need to make an -A, so she needed to accept my “style”. She did not so I made a B.

Y’all have a great and wonderful happy Saturday. If you are gloomy because of the rain, be happy, because this summer you are probably going to wish you had some rain, an you won’t. But I will because I am handy and like free shit, so I collect my free water off my house. I have plans for the neighbors houses and shed too.

This was not proofread, all content is original, from the mind to the fingers.

No SHave Never


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