Beards, Good Times, and Shit Hits the Fan

Posted: February 28, 2013 in Family, Humor, Life
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As I posted earlier today, we had just left the Chik Fil A and were making great headway towards the hotel and Disney. Nothing exciting had happened, no oober funny shit, pretty quiet.

Oh boy did that change upon arriving at the Hilton. Baby Gurr slept about an hour in the car. Her naps should be 3 hours. By the time we got to the hotel and got checked in, we got ready to head out to grab a bite to eat.

Before I go any further, Maps aoo, from Apple is the most worthless shit of a map app ever created. My 14 year old map is better than that junk taking up valuable kilobyte space on my phone.

After trying to find a Mexican restaurant a few minutes, to no avail, we said the hell with it and headed to Long Horns, cause we passed that shit on the way in and knew damn well where it was.

But first, I needed some supplies, so we swung by the Walgreens. Got the Beardess some water, some gas medicine so I don’t poont on the princesses when we hug, tater chips, cheese dip, the Beardess some wine, and me, I found some beer for $3.19 for a six pack. $3.19 for a six pack of beer that contains alcohol.

So I bought two six packs, which made me a separated twelve pack.


Never heard of Big Flats, that I can remember. But it’s not that bad at all. I can definitely deal with it for $3.

We got to Long Horns, got seated pretty quick. Baby Ugrr was actin the fool because, she was tired. So we had to go do a time out, outside, when I got back my Caesar Salad had no dressing.

Baby Gurr was acting a little better, but I know damn well the old man behind them was not too happy. The booth was one unit, just two separate seats. she wouldn’t sit still. Our food came, it was good. Then all hell broke loose. Baby Gurr had a drink box, filled with milk, I will refer it to a milk box now. The milk box has a nifty little straw in a small yet, not air tight seal. Baby Gurr got restless and began to play with milk box. The Beardess, already tired and ready to go, was showered with glorious boxed milk. all in the hair, on the shirt, and down the abyss of her bust.

I cut my steak devouring short and we got the hell on up outta there. It was time for Baby Gurr to hit the sack. We can’t be having none of this at the Animal Kingdom

I didn’t plan on having another post today. But with the events that unfolded, I had to share. This leads me to believe that the next two days are going to be epic.

Can’t wait to hug some princesses!

20130228-203929.jpg Enjoying the awesome view from the balcony.

Stay tuned. Just. Stay. Tuned.

No SHave Never.


  1. Sounds like a typical fun packed family trip so far! I remember them well…

    I’m expecting we’ll soon see Dopey sporting a beard like the other dwarves….


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