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When walking bare feet, don’t be concerned about what’s under your feet until you have been concerned about what was in front of them first.

No SHave Never.

Today has been filled with a bunch of getting shit did y’all. A good friend drove down from Michigan on his way back to Idaho. It might sound out of the way, but it’s not. And I still managed to get a good bit of shit did today.

Woke up, not feeling too great. The pollen season has begun here in many parts of the south and like so many others I have been hindered by the sinus area and its pansy ass response to some tree seed fertilizer.

Made some delicious coffee, my buddy Ian got up and we partook of some black platinum. The Beardess and Baby Gurr woke up and the day started awesome, because I got to see that long eye lashed, deep blue sea blue eyed smile.

Ian, who is the original awesomest beard ever, his most awesome of awesome beards, Click this right HERE tho that is not the greatest photo. Ya’ll will be sorely disappointed when ya’ll see the monstrosity of a beard he has now. That is for a later post, at the end of the weekend, when I do the weekend in review.

We ran some errands this morning and were not as successful as I wanted, here is a quick run down. Coffee, cans to can man for money recycling (he wasn’t there damn it!), seed store for corn and bean seed, nursery for some onion sets, Publix for some ribs and brats and buns, Lowes for trash bags and some more seed.

Home we came.

So today, with a small piece of assistance from Ian, the garden was mounded and planted, BBQ sauce made, 16 lbs of pulled pork cooked, brats smoked, grass cut, beer drank, and beards happy.

Gotta get some go juice for the rest of the afternoon though, my ass is tired as hell and because my body is a weak piece of shit and needs to grow up and quit being such a pansy, because my mind is like a piece of hardened steel coated with something stronger than the strongest shit on earth. But my body does not think like my mind, so as I stand right now, I’m struggling.

I’m out, gotta go play some ball with Baby Gurr, get some meat off the grill, throw some corn hole and drink some beers.

No SHave Never

Wisdom is not a something, but more of a someone who can effectively convey knowledge through visual and verbal directives, that in turn, improve the knowledge of the recipient, producing a wiser wisdom.

No SHave Never