Beards, Static Electricity and One Right Nipple.

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Humor, Life, Random
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This is completely unrelated to the previous post containing the most awesome times of Animal Kingdom. But, it is fun.

I went to pick up some dinner from Panera Bread. Here in Florida right now, they are experiencing a cold front containing the utmost cold that Florida can handle. It was in the low 60’s.

The static electricity I generate could power New York City for a night, and I am continuously shocking myself. I hate it.

As I get out of the car, my right nipple contacts the corner of the metal door, sending a shock reasoning resonating (i’ll blame auto-correct) through out my areola, breast, chest, arms, torso, balls, legs and feet; all in a bout half a second. So, I did as any man would do and shrieked. It was not a holler, or a yelp or a scream. It was a blood curdling shriek.

There was a lady sitting in an SUV, in the passenger seat, whose direct line of sight was in direct line of sight with my bearded beauty. As I shrieked, she shrieked, looked over, saw me and screamed, again.

Pretty much scared the shit out of her twice in half a second. But I’m the one with a electrical burn on my nipple.

No SHave Never


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  2. paulheels says:

    HEY, don’t need no grammer police up in here policing my grammer. My momma’s a english teacher!
    And the way it felt, it had some reasoning behind it too.

    Good catch! Thanks



  3. Cleanshaver says:



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