Having Nothing to Say is Ludicrous

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Humor
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I am a talker. People who know me personally know that. I tend to tell a story, with hand gestures and minute irrelevant details.

I like to tell people, I could talk the ears off a billy goat. If you know billy goats, you know there is not much that bothers a billy goat.

I rarely have nothing to say. I like talking to people.

Just like some of the posts, my talks are laden with tangents and forgetfulness.

I find joy in taking the simplest explanation and turning it into a ten minute “how to” followed with an eight minute “why you “”how to it”” this way”. Its the country in me.

Bluebirds are awesome, so are Maockingbirds.

For you folk who might be trying to come out of your socially inept shell, the best piece of advice I can give you, is to use your hands when you talk. Because, you distract your target’s eyes away from your eyes, which probably strikes fear unto your soul, redirecting their eyes to your grandeur hand gestures.

Having nothing to say is just an excuse for not wanting to have anything to say.

Oooh. I just saw a grasshopper fly by. DAMN! Mockingbird Red Baroned the shit outta that grasshopper.

Nature is awesomely ruthless with a hint of “high five me hoss” in it.

No SHave Never

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