Beards with Flat Asses

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Humor
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We made it to Phoenix, AZ. After three full days of driving, flat asses, shitty food, truck stops, and the classic rest stops on the side of the interstate where there is a magical fairy who comes and keeps those places semi-clean. Because I have never seen anyone cleaning one of those.

The first two days were somewhat lazily chronicled here:
chronicle 1
chronicle 2

Yesterdays drive, well not much to talk about. Have you ever been to West Texas? There is not much there. Matter of fact, there ain’t shit all the way to El Paso, unless you consider quasi-barren lands, power poles and oil rigs shit. I don’t.

We got to spend a little less time riding yesterday, got to see the border wall/fence and more importantly we made it safely through the outskirts of Juarez.

That is about it, well, because we drove through a bunch of cot damn nothingness.

But we are here now, just waiting on a fire. It’s hot enough to melt cow shit here and only going to get more the hotter. One surprising thing for me, they are growing corn here and, believe it or not, it’s GREEN. Just absolute, pure, unequivocal awesomeness.

Couple new photos up in the photo section.

@paulheels on the Twitter.

No SHave Never!

  1. paulheels says:

    I would, but hopefully we will be flying back. Ill remember that net though


  2. You need to stop in Amarillo on your way back and see if you can finish of the Big Texan steak challenge. That’d be a fine blog post right there.


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