As I sit here, basking in the sun of this place that the Devil himself finds an air conditioned room to hide in, I still find the beauty that can draw a person’s soul to this dry, arid, land of cacti.

We went on patrol yesterday, got to see some of the countryside, a whole shit load of country, and a butt load of the sides of cliffs. This is place has quite the plethora of Saguaro cacti. The quintessential Arizonian mascot.

I got to eat some delicious, heat beating, prickly pear cactus ice cream. I love me some ice cream. That ice cream was damn good. Speaking of ice cream, lemme tell you something about eating ice cream out here in the Arizona high desert. Back home, in South Carolina, in the sweltering sweatbox of sauna summers, ice cream will melt fairly quick. So you have to have two styles of consuming an ice cream cone before making a damn mess like your four year old. One, just be an animal and take huge bites. With this method, you are pretty safe that you will not lose a scoop off the cone. A drawback, is that you do not get to enjoy the goodness of the ice cream. Second, the lick. The lick is the most savory way to annihilate your ice cream cone. But there are many more negative impacts that could lead you ice cream-less and standing there looking like a big ass kid, all sad and shit looking at your melting ice cream upon the skillet hot asphalt. If, you have a beard, you will get ice cream in your beard. Embrace and enjoy, beardless folk will never get to enjoy that feeling of sticky, dried cows cream matted in the beard.

So, the prickly pear ice cream had to be devoured in record time, because there is nothing like 110 degree oven heat to make you relive your worst childhood memories of being the jack ass who drops all their ice cream.

At one point yesterday, it got to 127 degrees. I would guess that we averaged 107 degrees, give or take a couple.


The fires have been atypically slow for this area, this time of year. Which is a good thing. The last thing this place needs is more places with no vegetation.

I got me two new coosies yesterday. I am quite excited. One is a shape of the boot, the other is green neoprene.

If you haven’t already, got a couple new pictures of some beards in the photo section.

@paulheels at Twitter
No SHave NEver

Stay tuned, there is no telling what might be just around the next bend.

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