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Welp, I cut it all off.  Almost all of it at least.  Most of it I would say.  The majority of it is in the trash can in the Great Clips hair cuttery in Aiken, SC.  Mixed in with some old people’s grey hair and those little neck pieces they put on your neck.  No longer will I be able to stroke it, or groom it, or brush it or twirl it.  It, is no more, for the most part.  For the little part it is still there, but not in all its glory that it was before.

It is not my beard though.  Hell no!  No SHave Never ya’ll! It is my beautiful, brown flowing locks of glorious hair.  IT, has been cut.  The Battle of Beard V Beardess was won decisively.  But the Battle of the Hair V Beardess was ended in a tie, with probably a small loss to me, considering I can not wear a bun anymore.

I went to Great Clips, with Baby Gurr.  I kind of thought my hair stylist would snip a little here and there, taking her time, basking in the glory which was my thick, luscious, long curly hair.  But nope! She brushed that shit out, grabbed all she could and in one and one half snips of the scissors, it fell to the floor.  Slow motion in real life does not exist, they say, whomever they are.  Well, it did today ya’ll.  As I watched the locks of lusciousness flutter down upon the ground, like leaves falling out of a century old oak tree fall during a brisk fall wind, I saw my days of hiding my neck hair disappear.  I will now have to be diligent with keeping my Teen Wolf cut.

The stylist, did not blink an eye as she lopped off lock after lock.  At times, even smiling and joking, she tried to act as if she did not enjoy the dream killing she was producing.  No sympathy what-so-ever.

I did make sure to make it known, so that she would know, I would not be paying her if a single beard hair was harmed.

Baby Boy (Beardlet) is due on April 28.  We do not have a name yet.  The Beardess is not happy about it either.  Picking names for a child is hard.  Really difficult to be exact.  I like the name Levi Garrett.  That got shot down after a quick Google search by the Beardess.  Sebastian, a name I have been trying to name anything that needed naming since forever, nixed!  Denim Plaid, nope. Arn, negative.  I was given an ultimatum, that tonight we will have a name.  So now instead of working on improving my Fantasy Football squads, I have to go narrow down a list of names.  If ya’ll have never had to name a child, the list of names are endless.  In the spirit of being a Peace, War, and Defense Major, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I will go pull out my war books and get some great warrior names.  Hercules, Alexander, Darius (duh-rye-us), Apollo Creed, and one of my favorites Colonel Sanders.

Forties you say? Well, they are delicious.  But they are hard to find around here.  I guess the college students at USC-Aiken do not partake of their glory enough to warrant a gas station selling them.  Damn shame too.  But it is NFL combine time and forties are important for that.

Well.  I am done.  I am going to be diligently diligent at trying to post once a week at least on here.  But we will see how that goes.  I have fans to hang, light switches and plugs to change, cars to wash, a garden to plant, and work.  Once this little baby boy gets here though, I will be free of many of those things for three weeks.  Poopy diapers ya’ll.  They are coming back.

No SHave Never!



Ah yes, that time of year when the job you do job shit for has you on Tuesdays and Wednesdays off. Weekends are in the middle of the week and weekdays become weekends, but its really only the beginning.

One on one time with the baby Gurr is rampant during this time.
We like to go meet the Beardess for lunch at least once a week. Lately we have been frequenting Culinary Creation- The Deft Chef, in Aiken right beside the Beardess’ work. It just opened a couple weeks ago. It’s a small place, mainly in the business of catering. He has sandwiches and prepared frozen oven dinners. The food has been real good, if you are in Aiken, I highly recommend!
I had to pick Baby Gurr up from the daycare on Monday, my Friday, because she had a fever. This was going to put a pretty big damn damper on my plans for our middle of the week weekend. Really? A damn fever in the summer! That’s some bullshit right there.
Yesterday was a bust. I did salvage some of the day, by taking my two women out to eat. Baby Gurr rammed on through most of the day, though she was feeling pretty bad.
Contrary to popular belief among the womenfolk with whom I am known to, I do not dress Baby Gurr, she dresses herself. I just go to the closet and hold up clothes until she says, “I like that”. So that’s what we wear. Leave me alone assholes!

This look can pretty much explain, all on its on, how bad she felt. Photogenic like her daddy is though, still looking like a million dollars. I mean, I have never met a camera that didn’t take phenomenal pictures of me.
I am pretty damn sure with the utmost assurance that it is possibly impossible for me to take a bad photo.
Today has been much better. Fever is minimal. We live in horse country. There are horse farms surrounding our neighborhood.
I decided Baby Gurr and myself would just mosey on over to the biggest horse farm/training facility uninvited and go mingle with some horses. So, we did. I mean, who is gonna tell me know? I smile, I speak with my souther eloquence, and Baby Gurr bats the prettiest little eye lashes ever known to man. BAM! GOLD!
Baby Gurr would not pet the damn horse. She wanted to pet the dog. I mean come on, she has a dog at home. Not too long ago, she was petting an alligator. A horse? Nah, horsies are cool from a distance.
I will leave you with some pictures I took of Baby Gurr. Now, to let ya’ll know, I did the hair this morning. I am getting better, but this shit is difficult. I am not going to lie.
Today, I did pigtails. My wet wash cloth soaking method works wonders, really makes a difference getting the hair prepped for the bows and shit. Enjoy







I know I have been away for a while. Football season starts up soon, that is when I come off writing vacation. I think it has something to do with football and drinking more beer that makes me more creative. And ya’ll know creative creativity is the best creativity for being creative.

I would like to thank everyone who supported the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

As always,

No SHave Never

The wildland firefighting community awakens this morning to the saddening news of 19 brave souls who perished on the fireline, at the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona.
As wildland firefighters, we are aware and accept the inherent dangers of this job.
The 19 brave souls our family lost yesterday will be forever remembered in the wildland firefighting community.
The Wildland Firefighter Foundation needs your help. The government does not provide sufficient support for families during these tragic times. This organization fills this void for wildland firefighter’s families.
Please go to WIldland FIrefighter Foundation and give a dollar or two or more.
The number of brave souls lost in this tragedy, is one of the highest ever for the wildland firefighting family.

I Saw You Yesterday – A Poem for Fallen Firefighters

Wildland Firefighter
Poem written by: Jessica Koster

I saw you just yesterday
A tribute to fallen Firefighters

I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day
Nomex on,
boots laced tight, packs on right, and heads held high
We all lined
out with a nod of the head, and the statement “moving” from up ahead
I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day

Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Husbands, and Wives
All alike
want to know why, but how can we ever begin to describe
That what
they see as being rough, we rise to the challenge and hope to be tough
I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day

Some claim
we are heroes, others claim we destroy
We just go
fight those fires threw all the sweat and pain
Fourteen to
Twenty-one days we can roll, with little sleep and a fire out of control
I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day

Over the
radio the tone goes out, we know it is time and soon we are in route
We hike up
the mountain with tools in hand
We come down
the mountain and back to camp again
I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day

We’ve kicked
back at times and had a few beers
laughed in chow line, and joked among our peers
I will never
forget those many days, we took for granted and called each other names
I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day

We have
learned a lot over the years, we have befriended many throughout our careers
And as crazy
as it all may be, we have become a sort of family
I keep in
mind all those many times; you came to my rescue and saved my behind

I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another day

I’ll see you
again someday real soon, though I will pray safe travels for you
I will miss
the times we spent together, the memories shared and the moments treasured
I saw you
just yesterday, when it was just another I saw you just yesterday, before your life was
taken away