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Today was quite an uneventful day the rest of the day after this morning. Cooked some bbq, it was delicious. Baby Gurr napped after the Beardess came home for lunch during her lunch break, to eat.
I was searching through my YouTube stuff and came across my saved videos of some pretty funny shit.
I love animals of all kinds. I love cats too, we have two cats. Which I have sporadically talked about is sporadic posts in the past.
Past cat post about my cats

Cats on video make the most angry of us laugh, you can not not laugh because you do not want to laugh, so you just have to laugh, because it’s cats doing stupid funny shit. Ya’ll get it?

With it being Monday and many of ya’ll all sad and shit because the work week just began, i am sending you something to cheer you up. Watch it.

This is goo stuff right here.

Also, I follow as many blogs as I can, and I read as many as I can. Sometimes, because of my own fault or that of the not-so-reliable internet, some awesome blogs I do not get updates from. There is one in particular that i was re-introduced to today and I would like to share it with ya’ll. Because it is funny, and bitter.
Ben’s Bitter Blog

Go here, read it, enjoy it.

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No SHave Never

It’s Monday night, a night of great despair for most people. But for me, tonight is the start of my damn weekend. Yeah, that’s right. Tonight is my Friday. Ain’t that some shit!

So I sit here, in my reclining love seat. Drinking a cold ass Natty Light and watching Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. And if you have never watched this show, you should. It’s stupid, but entertaining. The lead guy is named Matt Moneymaker. Sure nuff, the lead guy in the most popular Sasquatch hunting team, has a last name Moneymaker. Money…Maker…looking for Squatches, on tv. This guy Moneymaker graduated law school, there’s a reason he’s not practicing law. He’s a terrible investigator. Watch the show, you will see why he is not a lawyer. The other investigators have their quirks, but remain entertaining. And Ranae, thank god she is on this show, she’s the only skeptic. And really the only sane person in the whole group.

Now, I’m from the country, small town South Carolina. I know a lot of country folk that have grown up in the woods, fishing, hunting, camping etc. These crazy ass people running round the woods looking for a 8 foot hairy beast, at night. Yet most of their eyewitness accounts happened during the day. They have Squatche calls, that they do themselves. There a so many nuances with this show, I just can’t get into all of them. But I will touch on a few my favorites.

We have never found a Bigfoot because they bury their dead….. So we can’t find them. That’s the reason they give. Sure as shit stripes in a toilet bowl.

Bigfoots are more attracted to women than men. They throw rocks at tents to show its their territory. Power lines are bigfoot’s highways. Bigfoot’s are very secretive and don’t like a lot of commotion, yet they are always making noise and shit to “draw” the Squatches to them.

I’m not saying there are no Squatches, but I need some damn Bigfoot mounted evidence. And these people on this show have been hunting Bigfoot for years and they “know” there a Squatches, but don’t have any definitive evidence. No bodies, no videos or photos that are definitive. How the hell y’all been looking for this beast so long, yet only video evidence you have is from err body else.

Lookie here. Y’all don’t think some redneck who lives out in the woods and hunts year round, ain’t found a Sasquatch and shot that thing? Come on now. If they were real, I could see it now.
Redneck: “whut da hayell wuz that thar?”
Friend Redneck: “cot damn Ion’t know cuz, but imma gone be able to make big ole blanket wit dat skin.
Redneck: “you don’t know cuz, imma gone be able to get myself on the news and be famous”
Friend Redneck: “ight, well isa reckon we gon need to go on here and shoot that thang. Git the AK”

Cause anyone who knows country folk, knows rednecks seen err thang.

Watch the show for entertainment purposes. Don’t take it too serious or you won’t enjoy any of the show. Some of the babbling I did in this post will make more sense then.

Stay bearded my friends.