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I do not know who this is, but it’s a ridiculously awesome beard.

Rambling is an acceptable form of time consuming behavior, associated with people who do not know when to shut their mouth during conversations involving other people, at which point the other people are no longer investing their attention into said conversation.

I am a rambler, in real life. I can talk the ears of a billy goat. I know this and still can not control it, sometimes. I do try to keep a quick mind to the realization that I talk way to damn much and way to damn loud.

Southerners are famous, or should be, for rambling. Now a ramble is different than a lie, though a ramble might not be 100 percent accurate, it still is no lie. A lie is an inaccuracy with the intent to dishonor ones character in an attempt to create greater honor towards another persons character. In rambling, there is never an intent to deface another persons character or, for the rambler to be an asshole. Because liars are assholes. Side note, I just misspelled “liers”, that is terrible because I take much pride in my powerful and world renowned spelling prowess. Damn it, guess I will have to do some math problems to make myself feel better.

Back to rambling. Ramblings might been the truth, but the events and people are factual. Here is a way to know if you are talking to a rambler, but you are not sure. If there are side stories of the people involved in the main story which the rambler tells in route to the finale of the main story, they be a rambler.

If the person uses numbers in the story, and one particular number is more prevalent, they a rambler. Example: “Ya’ll, we went frog giggin last night and we tore them up. We started at six that night and by dark, which was at 830, I had done drank a 12 pack. Thats bout when we got started and by 930 we done gigged 26 frogs and one six pound bass. I got me a knew giggin pole and its six foot tall ya’ll. Hell by, 1100 we done gigged a 36 quart cooler full of frogs, seen sixteen cotton mouths and bout a 60 pound turtle.”

This happens. There are more subtle ramblers, in fact, most ramblers aren’t that bad.

Ramblers usually use lots of hand gestures. I don’t know many “quiet” people who have active hands when they speak. But ramblers, you better give’m a five foot buffer or you’re liable to get smacked.

Ramblers smile alot and make eye contact. Eye contact keeps people more involved in the conversation that the rambler is dominating. Smiling makes the eye contactee, feel less intimidated by the eye contacter.

If you do not know a person like this, visit the south. We have plenty. Don’t worry though, they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. But you better have an out, because if you stand and listen, they have enough stories to keep you there forever. Ramblers will never run out of stories.

So, you want to grow yourself a beard. Not just any beard, but a “man beard”. Not everyone can achieve this type of beard. Not because they don’t want to, but factors that are detrimental to their livelihood. Professions that require a “professional” appearance are a good example.

Growing facial hair is a right of passage for men. Think back to your high school days. That first thin, light colored mustache started appearing. For a boy hitting puberty, that is a milestone he will never forget. His sideburns actually growing past his ears, with actual real hair that has to be cut and shaped. Don’t forget about the freak of nature guy who was 16 and had that full beard already, he was looked upon with the utmost awe.

Just take that leap and begin to stop shaving. Just don’t shave. Stop shaving. Pin up a picture of a beard that inspires you, become that beard. Let that glorious man hair grow and live and be free. Be a man and live through that two weeks of itchiness, you will be rewarded. Treat your beard just like your head hair,wash with soap and conditioner.

If you feel discouraged, here’s a website to get you back in the beard growing spirit. The Beard Coach

Be inspired to get inspired with inspiration. Grow your beard, be beard proud!


Embrace the Beard.


Thanksgiving leftovers are one of the greatest culinary secrets in America. I have been a part of Thanksgiving leftovers for 30 years now. A few I can’t remember, but I was there. As my beard grew from a youngin to its now dominant head of household, my appreciation for leftovers has exploded into a love affair. I hate to think of the plethora of leftovers that are discarded and wasted in America. With a little imagination and a big smile, you can take those leftovers to another dimension. That thanksgiving turkey will become an all new exciting meal. That dressing will have new meaning to it, a delight full of delightfulness.


Turkey, the iconic Thanksgiving figure that is massacred by the millions for consumption. You can fry it, smoke it, bake it and probably a few other ways I am unaware of. It doesn’t matter how the turkey is initially prepared, the endless options available for re-cooking are endless.
The best way to eat turkey is on a sandwich with tomato, Duke’s mayo and sharp cheddar.
Turkey salad.
Pan-Refried turkey and eggs.
Chopped turkey and queso salsa.

Next up HAM! Good ole honey baked ham. Pork is where ham comes from and pork comes from pig. I love pig and all the foods that can be made from pig. The greatest food animal ever!
Pan fried ham. Can be eaten with eggs, put on sandwiches.
Caramelized brown sugar coated ham fried in butter. A delicious delicacy.
Cold ham on sandwich bread with just Duke’s mayo.
Ham in butter beans, field peas, cow peas, practically any bean when cooking.
Load up the ham and/or bone for split pea soup. Makes a miraculous miracle soup.

Dressing/stuffing. Everyone’s mom or grandma makes the best they have ever had. And that is probably true. When you have grown up eating a particular meal or food the same way all your life, you acquire a certain taste. Scientifically speaking, yo momma’s cooking is better than everyone else’s momma’s cooking.
Cut into squares or circles, dip in egg and flour and fry. Just like you would grits. Here is a how to on frying grits. fry me a grits

The beans and taters. These are simple. My favorite way to eat these is the beans mixed in with the potatoes. Stir it all about and eat. I don’t know why, but I look forward to this left over meal more than anything else. There’s something a about mixing delicious butter beans, corn and mashed potatoes that melts my heart.

I hope these simple leftover meals will inspire you not to waste that food someone prepared on the day of giving thanks. Be creative and make your own recipe. If you have a leftover meal you love, let me know about it. Leftovers are one of my favorite foods.

Grow a beard, be a man.