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Welp, I cut it all off.  Almost all of it at least.  Most of it I would say.  The majority of it is in the trash can in the Great Clips hair cuttery in Aiken, SC.  Mixed in with some old people’s grey hair and those little neck pieces they put on your neck.  No longer will I be able to stroke it, or groom it, or brush it or twirl it.  It, is no more, for the most part.  For the little part it is still there, but not in all its glory that it was before.

It is not my beard though.  Hell no!  No SHave Never ya’ll! It is my beautiful, brown flowing locks of glorious hair.  IT, has been cut.  The Battle of Beard V Beardess was won decisively.  But the Battle of the Hair V Beardess was ended in a tie, with probably a small loss to me, considering I can not wear a bun anymore.

I went to Great Clips, with Baby Gurr.  I kind of thought my hair stylist would snip a little here and there, taking her time, basking in the glory which was my thick, luscious, long curly hair.  But nope! She brushed that shit out, grabbed all she could and in one and one half snips of the scissors, it fell to the floor.  Slow motion in real life does not exist, they say, whomever they are.  Well, it did today ya’ll.  As I watched the locks of lusciousness flutter down upon the ground, like leaves falling out of a century old oak tree fall during a brisk fall wind, I saw my days of hiding my neck hair disappear.  I will now have to be diligent with keeping my Teen Wolf cut.

The stylist, did not blink an eye as she lopped off lock after lock.  At times, even smiling and joking, she tried to act as if she did not enjoy the dream killing she was producing.  No sympathy what-so-ever.

I did make sure to make it known, so that she would know, I would not be paying her if a single beard hair was harmed.

Baby Boy (Beardlet) is due on April 28.  We do not have a name yet.  The Beardess is not happy about it either.  Picking names for a child is hard.  Really difficult to be exact.  I like the name Levi Garrett.  That got shot down after a quick Google search by the Beardess.  Sebastian, a name I have been trying to name anything that needed naming since forever, nixed!  Denim Plaid, nope. Arn, negative.  I was given an ultimatum, that tonight we will have a name.  So now instead of working on improving my Fantasy Football squads, I have to go narrow down a list of names.  If ya’ll have never had to name a child, the list of names are endless.  In the spirit of being a Peace, War, and Defense Major, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I will go pull out my war books and get some great warrior names.  Hercules, Alexander, Darius (duh-rye-us), Apollo Creed, and one of my favorites Colonel Sanders.

Forties you say? Well, they are delicious.  But they are hard to find around here.  I guess the college students at USC-Aiken do not partake of their glory enough to warrant a gas station selling them.  Damn shame too.  But it is NFL combine time and forties are important for that.

Well.  I am done.  I am going to be diligently diligent at trying to post once a week at least on here.  But we will see how that goes.  I have fans to hang, light switches and plugs to change, cars to wash, a garden to plant, and work.  Once this little baby boy gets here though, I will be free of many of those things for three weeks.  Poopy diapers ya’ll.  They are coming back.

No SHave Never!



Family vacation time. That time of year where families choose to load the automobile down with luggage and snacks and toys and churrins and get their road flow on, treading asphalt in search of laughs and relaxation.

That is what we did. We headed to Asheville, NC. If you have never been to Asheville, you are missing out on something grandly beautiful, in a very pretty way.

We packed our gas-powered steed full of everything we would need for a great time camping out in the wilderness of the DoubleTree Inn, which the Beardess called a hotel room. I called it camping because that is as close as I was going to get to being able to sleep on the ground.

This trip did not produce any over-crazy events that would make this trip more eventful than previous trips in which we encountered such events. This expedition was quite fulfilling and fun.


As ya’ll can see, I can not take the Beardess anywhere, she holds her fork, when cutting animal flesh like a caveman. When I attempted to reverse her uncouthness, this is what followed.


Craziness ya’ll

We went to the Biltmore Estate and saw the Biltmore house and all the other things that Biltmore has to offer. If you have never been to the Biltmore before, you should definitely go, it is absolutely amazing.

I wanted to take some pictures, but they do not allow photography in the house, which is asinine to me. How are we supposed to catch apparitions in pictures if we can not take photos? I do not get it. Oh, for you conspiracy theorists out yonder, there is a place where they take you photo, so you can buy. They take everyones photo. E V E R Y O N E !

So here are a few pictures that I did take, which are not very interesting because everyone was clothed and there were no ghosts.



We made a ride onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves had not changed yet, but it did not matter because I would not have been able to enjoy it. Ifin you do not know why, here is a link to why fall leaves discriminate People with Colorblindness. Colorblindness Awareness Months

The view was not great, there were a lot of low hanging clouds. We drove up to Craggy Gardens and hiked to the bald, then hiked back. The Beardess and Baby Gurr did great. I was not pushed off the mountain.




We went to go eat some ice cream, after dinner. It was good ice cream. I was really happy and excited about finishing my ice cream cone. It was a sugar cone too. Well, as any of ya’ll who have churrins know; when you have churrins you have nothing. Baby Gurr wanted to taste my ice cream, so as any ice cream loving father would do I said, “ok”. I was not too happy about it though. Have any of ya’ll ever seen a 2.7 year old eat ice cream? They slobber all over it. I do not do slobber people.
I obliged and gave her a bite, but I promptly started taking bigger bites myself, because I saw the look in her face after that first bite. It was the look of “yummy, this is so much better than my ice cream that I am going to be eating all of The Beards ice cream and he doesn’t know it yet” look. Well, I saw that look and gave her a “lookie here ya little beardlet, this is my ice cream, I bought you pink ice cream and I do not eat pink ice cream and mine is in a sugar cone, you can’t have it.”
Then I saw her eyes light up even more and I saw that look “Oh, a sugar cone you say? Well I am about to take the rest of your ice cream sugar cone, yo”.

Well, in the end, after all these looks, this happened.


I lost my damn sugar cone to a person who can not even wipe their own ass.

The Beardess, got sickly this night. She had an involuntary reversal of consumption. All damn night. No fun ya’ll, not damn fun at all.

So the next morning Baby Gurr and myself ventured out to the great unknown of an indoor playground. It was fun, there were a lot of churrins there, slobbering and slinging snot on everything. We played for two and a half hours. Yay us.

I ran into a bearded celebrity up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Paul Roof of The Holy City Beard and Moustache Society (HCBS), out of Charleston, SC. Check out his awesomeness on Facebook at The Holy City Beard and Moustache Society page. They will hold the 5th Annual Southeastern Beard and Moustache Championships May 24, 2014 in Charleston, SC


Well, this post is way too dam long already so let me finish this up real quick.

Isaac in Asheville, whoever you are, No SHave Never sir.


I got me an apple peeler, corer, slicer! hells yes.

Baby Gurr got to go apple picking and pumpkin huntin.

We made it home safely and tired.

No SHave Never!

It is fall ya’ll. The Beardess, Baby Gurr, and myself are about to depart the homestead for Asheville, NC. a little Fall vacation if you please.

Great things about fall; cool mornings, lower humidities, mild daytime temperatures, and apparently beautiful fall colored leaves on trees.

Well it must be nice, for those of you who are able to enjoy this apparent masterpiece nature paints every fall. I have not been privy to this work of art, because I, am a person suffering from Colorblindness.

As a young child, I could never see the beautiful leaves that all the other regular folk were ooing and ahing over. As I grew into my adult sized ears, I still could not grasp the excitement that people got over some damn leaves.

Then I found out the terrible news, one day, in Mrs. Earle’s Biology class. I suffered from a particularly severe case of irreversible colorblindness.

Everyone that day was supportive, and I got a bunch of hugs. But I did not have a beard yet then, because as a child you are taught to withhold the greatness of a beard, probably because once a beard is born, parents know they have lost all control.

Today I still suffer from Colorblindness. I have kept this a secret from most people, and most people from back in the day have forgotten about me having this most serious case of Colorblindness. Today, I share with the world, I am colorblind.

My results from the Ishihara Test for Colorblindness, indicate that I have a fairly sever case, in which I teeter on the edge of complete colorblindness and really really terrible colorblindness.

The Ishihara Test for Colorblindess That all You Heathens Need to Take

Ya’ll need to click that link and take that damn test. You need to know if you suffer from colorblindess. That shit can really mess you up at red lights.

I mean, I have to slow down at those stop lights, because sometimes I am not sure if it is red or orange. So I have to make sure. Cause that damn middle orange light looks a lot like that top red light.

Back to this damn vacation we are going on. I am going to enjoy the shit out of it. But because of this irreversible, genetically mutated, dumb ass eye part, that disallows me to see beautiful colors, I can not enjoy the damn leaves. And what damn good is it, going to the mountains on vacation and not being able to enjoy those stupid ass leaves?

Any who, ya’ll stay tuned for some fall vacation photos.

I gots to go get my concentrationism in order, because I love Jelly Beans.

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No SHave Never