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That’s right fellow air breathing people of somewhat successful reading comprehension skills. The Big Green Egg got to cook an Iranian dish.  The Beardess’ Mother, was the architect of the meal, I just did the grilling.

The meal cooked is called Cheloe Kabobs.  Pure deliciousness.  I do not know the recipe she uses, but you can find it on the world wide web, aka the Internet.  I have had this meal a lot, the Beardess’ cooks it, but in the oven.  I thought, since I had so much free time in between poopy diapers and fighting the Beardlet’s pee-saber, why not do it on the Egg.  So I did.  It was wonderful. (more…)

The Egg has been in little to no use mode recently.  But with three weeks off from work, I have major plans.  This first week provided time to implement my glorious cooking plans.

I started off with a rear quarter of a wild hog.  A buddy of mine got a whole hog, and we split it.  I cooked the front quarter, a few weeks ago, the deliciousness it provided was quite delicious.

IMG_3499 IMG_3507 IMG_3508 (more…)

Looka here ya’ll.  We are home.  We are at the house, we call home on the street we call our street.  Feet perched up with the windows open, screen door swinging too and fro in the cool, gentle spring breeze.  Baby Carter Oliver has arrived.  Little fella is so quiet, just like his daddy, who is me.

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and congratulations!  They were all very much appreciated by the Beardess and myself.

Ya’ll have no idea how happy I am to have a free peeing little boy with a real life penis in the house!  All the excitement!  I do not care how many pee canons inadvertently go off during diaper changes.  I won’t pay no mind to that nonsense, cause it is awesome.  By it, I mean Baby Carter.  The little beardlet.

Soon, very soon, there will be all kinds of adventures that Carter and myself will be having.  Bird poop identification, dog poop identification, tomato identification, fish identification and ball identification.  Sports balls ya’ll, not boy balls.

First things first.  Getting acquainted with the Big Green Egg.  I thought about taking this photo with Carter lying, safely, on the BGE grate.  But I could see how that photo would be taken in the wrong way, because assholes…….  I sure would not want that picture on the front of CNN or FOX News, because ya’ll know as well as I do, they would lie to make it an issue about Obamacare or the Keystone Pipeline.  Cause they suck.  Any who.IMG_3459


Carter did not smile, he just got done eating.  Not quite the pose I wanted, but the sun was quite bright.  He was not having any of that.

Tomorrow, our first lesson, firing this bad boy up.  Can not cook meat properly on the grill or smoker without fire.  Just won’t work ya’ll, science.  Stay tuned, if you enjoy my blog.  There will be awesome awesomeness as soon as I teach the Beardlet how to be awesome.

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