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Today I want to wish my wonderful beautiful wife a Happy 30th birthday! For most people, 30 is a milestone age. This is when you have hopefully entered the world of an adult. You have a job, some money, maybe a husband/wife and/or some churrins. This is also the age that people start calling you old, and they tell you your body will start to break down.

I can not disagree or agree with any of that, because I wouldn’t know, I have a beard. We be diffint.

When my wife’s birthday rolls around, she starts letting me know what she wants a few weeks in advance. By the middle of the second week before the week of her birthday, she reminds me that her birthday is a week long event, not just a day. This is fine by me, I enjoy the joy my wife has when she is enjoying the enjoyment that makes her joyfully happy. Keeping your wife happy is a necessity. In my world of being happy, I am happy when she is happy.

My wife, Sara, never wants an extravagant celebration. Neither does she ever request extravagant gifts. One of the reasons I love her, is because she is not materialistic. But, that makes my job as a gift buyer somewhat difficult. But the great thing about my wife, she will make sure to make room and use the gifts I get her.

For her birthday celebration we are having on Saturday, she requested a cheese fry bar. Imagine your favorite restaurant’s cheese fries. Now imagine that being in buffet style. I’m cooking.


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