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Yesterday was cook something Wednesday. And the cooking entailed delicious, southern frying. Took some of those grits and made grits balls. It’s grits mixed in wet batter, and dropped in oil with a spoon, much like hush puppies. Then fried some chicken thighs, the old southern way. In a cast iron pan. Anyone from the south has probably seen their grandma fry chicken this way.



A post all about cooking. Enjoy

Awesome is Bearded


The beard’s battle of the name brands will have two chicken frying, biscuit baking big boys in the fast food business pitted against each other. I am a Bojangles connoisseur myself. I had never heard of Popeyes until we moved to our current town. Isn’t that some shit there? This place has every fast food chain in America, but no cot damn Bojangles. It could be the epicenter of a 10.0 magnitude earthquake of obesity, there are so many fast food places here. As you can see I’m just a tad bit irritated about my lack of Bojangles chicken biscuits and Bo Rounds. Beard hunger problems.

Onto the battle! I will focus on the chicken biscuit and potatoes.
Bojangles chicken biscuit- the standard in chicken biscuits. The biscuit if fresh made. Topped with melted butter, the biscuit is light and fluffy. The thin crust on the top of the biscuit provides a burst of flavor when eaten. The inner biscuit is cooked to perfection, not dry and not undercooked.
The chicken, cooked to perfection. A nice thin layer of breading, seasoned with the love of angels. Yes, that good. The chicken is very moist. The piece of chicken is quite large. Never have I ever gotten a chicken biscuit from Bojangles where’s the chicken wasn’t hanging out the biscuit. If you don’t know southerners, the chicken hanging out the biscuit is as exciting as pig in a mud hole.
The Bo Rounds, oh hell yes the Bo Rounds. Bojangles takes the school lunch favorite, tater tots, and makes them enjoyable for grown folk. A perfect little round mixture of potatoes and onions fried like your grandma’s fritters.

Popeyes. The biscuit is cooked as good as Bo’s. I call the biscuit an even tie. But now we get to the chicken. This is disappointing. The breading is terrible. It resembles the breading on cheap frozen chicken from the discount isle at the overdue sell by date section in Wal Mart. It lacks texture and flavor. The tater tots are, well, plain ole tater tots.
Popeyes loses this one folks. The biscuits compete with Bojangles, but the chicken and taters lose, big time. And I have never been to a Bojangles and them not have chicken. Popeyes, yep, ordred my chicken biscuit. Comment from the drive thru was “we are out of chicken”. At a damn chicken place! At least at Bojangles you know better, cause they serve those delicious awesome chicken biscuits alllllll day.

Well, looks like we have a winner. It’s Bojangles! I would love to hear someone disagree. There is no way in hell any sane person with taste buds can think Popeyes is better. And the ones who do, I will judge them, judge them as not good southerners!

Comment on which one you think is better and why.

Stay bearded my friends