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So I ran across a little something this morning catching up on some reading that I do on the Internet.

I believe it no coincidence that the same time I had my first sip of coffee that this also came into my life, because around the same milliseconds as those two events became reality, the sprinklers for the garden sprouted up on out of their sprinkler homes to grace my edible garden plants with the magicness of water.

This was a sign that today will be a great day. I know they weren’t stars aligning, but for a bearded country fella, this is close a damn-nuff.

I found this neat little bit of interestingness on Lady or Not.

So I mosied on over to this here website where you can make money with your beard.

It will not be long my bearded friends, before we are able to have jobs that make real money, to have awesomeness growing upon our faces of gloriousness.

Anyone done this before or no someone who has? I need to talk to you if so.

No SHave Never!

As I sit here, watching Mad Men, listening to them talk about Margarine versus Butter. Margarine versus Butter.

Are you shitting me? Wikipedia is always right, click that link.

Butter is all goodness.

Margarine sucks. I hate margarine.

Bringing myself back down to ground level down here where I am, at the bottom, up off that so called soap box. I will get to the point that I was going to get to before Margarine and damn Butter came on out.

I ran four miles today. I have been running a lot because that’s what tickles my fancy in the exercising department. I hate running. I think about hating running when I am running. Runners talk about getting a “runner’s high”.

To hell with that! I have never once, ever, been excited about running, excited about going running or excited about thinking about running. Not, never.

I even dislike when I am done running.

But I do love jumping rope. Jumping rope is relaxing and fun and neat. If you dislike jumping rope, it’s probably because you don’t know how.

We as Americans have made some major mistakes as American human beings. Margarine being one. The other, discontinuing the use of lard as an acceptable ingredient for delicious biscuits, and other deliciousness that should be cooked with lard.

My free subscription to Showtime ended yesterday. That is no good. How the hell am I supposed to watch Dexter and shit with not more Showtime? On top of that bad news, there is a rattle in my truck, right behind my left ear.

If there is something that will drive me to the brink of eating margarine, it is a rattle in a vehicle that I can not get to quit rattling. Damn it!

My beard looks exceptional today.

Ya’ll lookie here. If you eat margarine, you are no friend to kittens or puppies. And no friend of mine either.

No SHave Never!

I just received a horrorscope from the stars. I’m not sure which star it was, but I know it was a star because it sparkled and had a lot of money. I hope this is not a reoccurring thing, but if it is, I feel it is my duty to share the future of the unsuspecting.

Todays Horrorscope:
Any born between the months of Dec to Nov you will see a light in the AM. Your attitude is not driven by your altitude, but by the first person you encounter in a car, driving in the opposite direction. Contrary to popular belief, you will not be able to dictate your own attitude for the day, unless you know said person driving in the opposite direction and can dictate their attitude for the day.
The only sure way your attitude is determined by you, is by growing or already having grown a beard.
Good Luck

This concludes the horrorscope I was presented with, to present to the people.


No Shave Never