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As I sat on the couch drinking beer, watching football and knitting; I thought about the new year approaching. I started thinking about my Christmas list for next year, because everyone knows you gotta start that thing at the beginning of the year, I quickly remembered I had a scarf to finish knitting. Yes I have said knitting, twice. Yes I was the one doing the knitting. I’m sure I have said this before, beards continually surprise you in a continuous manner. I’m a person of restless mind syndrome. This means I have to have something to do, always. Well, I have been wanting to learn how to knit, mostly to make toboggans, the ones that go on your head. But I would be willing to do some mittens, scarves, and socks if the need arose. A scarf is the easiest thing to learn. I asked my wife to help me out, she thought I was playing, I got the yarn basket and made her teach me.


This might come as a surprise to many of you. “This guy knits?” I can see you asking yourselves. Do not judge, there are many things that I can do that surprise alot of people. I can sew, I am not a master seamstress, but I know how to operate a needle. I know damn well I can cook and clean as good as any woman. I love cooking.


As my creation came to an end, I was somewhat bum-fuddled as to what the hell it was. It started off as a scarf project, but it came out a square. Don’t mind those large holes at the top, its for airflow, tho I did not purposely do that on purpose. As I was contemplating what I could use this as, many thoughts filled my thinking mind.

“Hey!” I told myself, what about a blanket for the kitty cats. Cause I love my kitties and they look cold. If they have a blanket they won’t have to curl up in all those weird positions to stay warm.


Another option that I came up with is a summer sun, head shield for Stoney, our dog. I do not think he will keep it on though. Probably have to knit a chin piece for him.


It is a little small to be a blanket for Baby Gurr.

Ya’ll take a look, let me know if you have any suggestions. Be prepared for more knitting projects to pop up. My main goal is to be able to knit toboggans. At some point, I would like to make some toboggans for the babies at hospitals.

No Shave Never


It’s the first Saturday with no college football in months. Lost. That’s the first word that comes to mind. You’re gonna have that feeling of uneasiness and that you are forgetting something important. Anxiety will pounce on you like hawk swooping down to grab a mouse. Small increments of anger will fill the voids between depression and happiness. You will turn on the TV and have nothing to watch. That’s when you look out side and realize, five months of chores have now piled up. Reality sets back in. Now you actually hear your wife’s demands, before they were just mumbles and gargles. Football is over, well. The regular season.

Football makes us happy. Football on Saturdays is what boys dream about playing in high school and what grown me dream about watching Sunday and Friday nights. And if you don’t like college football, please, at the least like bacon.

Today we all lose a little happiness. Happiness we store in a different place until football returns. Happiness that we only use for football. To fill this void, we must fill it with a wife’s demand. This gives us the freedom to be football focused, again next year. Take a few hours of mourning. Then, set aside your feelings, store them away, and ask your wife how you may help her today. Earn your privilege to do nothing but football on Saturdays in 2013. But you gotta start now.

And start growing a beard. Your life will forever be changed. Football will be better, food will taste better, beer will taste better, bacon is always awesome, and you can be awesome.

Great football beard from a while ago.


No Shave Never