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So yesterday I get a Facebook notification that my cousin in law, Blake, added me to a group. So I perused on over to my handy dandy Facebook app on my second to none awesome iPhone 4, and I see there is a group from Charleston, SC about beards. Oh the joy that overwhelmed me. The Holy City Beard and Mustache Society is located in Charleston, SC. I scrolled through their FB page. There are some damn nice beards on there. I think we might have to make a stop by one of their monthly meetings, if I am ever in Charleston at the right time.

Fourth Annual Southeastern Beard and Mustache Championships. I do not know how one of my supposed friends on the Charleston area never alerted me to this event. This is the fourth year, FOURTH YEAR!! For three years no one told me about this. I am ashamed for my friends. They hurt my heart y’all.

So I am marking my calendar for this event. But, there is a way more important event that weekend. It will be my fifth wedding anniversary. No way in hell I’m gonna try to swing going to that, over doing something stupidly awesome with my wife. But if we happen to be celebrating in the Holy City, it’s possible I could do a drive-by. This is do-able, because Charleston is her most favoritest place ever. But I’m not sure Charleston can support the level of awesomeness I plan on planning for the fiver. I also need to figure out my traditional and modern anniversary gifts, wood and silverware, respectively. I get oober excited about our anniversary! I always plan on planning early.

Y’all check out Holy City Beard and Mustache Society.

No Shave Never


Beards Friends

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Humor, Random
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When you have friends who aren’t bearded, you live a much more interesting life than them. The interesting part about that, is your friends don’t realize it. It’s not that they aren’t awesome, just their level of awesomeness is less. It’s not because of the person, but the beard. The bearded person derives all awesomeness from the beard. I know, because once I was not bearded.

The point to this lead-in is short, direct, to the point and quick. When wives travel, the husband usually has a few “man moments”. These are moments when the man can let loose. Some “man moments” include, but are not limited to, beer, no underwear, shirtless, hitting the town with the guys, eating junk food and fishing and hunting. Most of you know many more man moments. Just close your eyes and picture you brother,husband, friend and what they are like when wifeless. I have seen and heard many many many man moments. Everything leading up to this point, culminates in this one man moment which I was unaware of, until now.

Now, how many of y’all like milk this much? The wife leaves town, you don’t get giddy to go out with your buddies or eat shitty fast food. You get excited about milk, and lots of it. Milk, 3 gallons in about a week.


Man moments, men love’m

Awesome is bearded.