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Well, this morning, the Beardess went out of town, leaving Baby Gurr and myself alone, all by ourselves. Yep, we getting out and tearing this town up. Got a whole case of apple juice and prune juice for baby Gurr and some beerses for myself.

We gotta go out and buy some stuff. Then come home and do some stuff. And then we gotta guard the blue bird box. Hopefully the invasive birds that live next door will show up for eradication.

So the Beardess did not leave any special instructions when she left. So this is awesome, because that means I have free reign to make the decisions in which I decide are the proper decisions.

Morning cartoons changed a little from the usual boring cartoons. Some Spongebob, and King Of the Hill.


Got a while day planned, soil for the garden and yard, Lowes Home Improvement, bird fee, the plant nursery, and maybe a lunch somewhere. Chinese Buffet maybe. Golden Corral. I don’t know yet, but something in that genre. Not sure which one, because both, do not have very good food. Maybe Firehouse, cause they know how to heat up some meat and pile it on a tasty piece of bread.

I tried to tell Audrey about this weekend since she was born. I knew it would happen one day! I have a special wardrobe chosen for myself. But to make it complete, we are going to Tractor Supply and maybe pick up some matching flannel and jeans. If you don’t like flannel, your heart is made of coal and pumps loser juice through your veins.

Oh yeah, it was Valentines Day yesterday. Baby Gurr came home with Valentines. Gonna sit down with her and go over them. Some learning to do about this holiday. Go ahead and teach her bout boys, and they must pass certain tests to be able to give her Valentines. But I can not reveal these tests, they are secret.

Gotta run, poopy diaper.

No Shave Never


Beards and their Churrins

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Family, Humor, Random
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Today, a day with mommy at work. Baby Gurr and daddy day. The typical day of a country fella with the daughter. She gets dirty, plays with sticks, eats whatever she wants, probably is barefoot and might watch a little Spongebob. This morning momma made sure to lay out the clothes for the day. I might not always get the top to match the bottom, but I get the clothes on.

I’m still undecided about what Baby Gurr and me are gonna get into today. Might hang a fan, or weed to flower garden, maybe change the oil in the truck. I don’t know yet. But believe I’m gonna try to make and adventure of it. The last major project we worked on together involved a door, a small car, ratchet straps, lowes and a roof. Here is the picture, you can put it together.


So when we have these days, we don’t just roll as a pair. Ole Stoney Dean usually comes along for the ride as well. You can probably imagine the site of me, a dog and baby rolling around town. I wonder how many people have been tempted to call the police? Cause I’m not the best dresser in the world.


Last week we cooked BBQ and boiled peanuts. Teaching the Baby Gurr a little bit of country a small piece at a time. Next will be peeing outside. Cause any self respecting country folk knows peeing outside is way more awesome than inside.

Happiness is bearded.