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Yesterday at work, we were sitting at the table eating lunch. Start thinking about the places you have been and some of the amazing bits of information that you learned. Dig deeper, and really look at how amazing the enlightenment was considering the situation in which maybe you were not looking to become enlightened, but it just happened because it was amazing. See, some of y’all might have just become enlightened as hell, or either confused as a cat in a room of vacuums.

You never know when something being said or done in everyday conversation might turn out to be the clarifier of life. Those questions you might have, or other people, like; what is the meaning of life, where is the end of the universe, how do I grow a beard?

That’s the thing about Bearders, we “see the light” because the beard allows us to tap into our inner being. We tend to be more laid back, let it come to me and do its thing. But we can also be spontaneous, wild and crazy.

Some people might now know how to grow a beard, they haven’t seen the light. You don’t necessarily have to “see” something, you could hear it too. As this co worker progressed into his story on how to grow a beard, he said he Googled it. What he saw on Google absolutely blew his mind. He couldn’t comprehend. The way to grow a beard, was to just quit shaving.

Yep, that’s all, just quit shaving. Stop, done, no more. Now he says he mis-spoke, and may have. But there’s a life lesson to be learned, Don’t think what you speak won’t be thought differently once you speak it.

But the main life lesson, quit shaving grow a damn beard, make a woman smile!



No Shave Never

So, you want to grow yourself a beard. Not just any beard, but a “man beard”. Not everyone can achieve this type of beard. Not because they don’t want to, but factors that are detrimental to their livelihood. Professions that require a “professional” appearance are a good example.

Growing facial hair is a right of passage for men. Think back to your high school days. That first thin, light colored mustache started appearing. For a boy hitting puberty, that is a milestone he will never forget. His sideburns actually growing past his ears, with actual real hair that has to be cut and shaped. Don’t forget about the freak of nature guy who was 16 and had that full beard already, he was looked upon with the utmost awe.

Just take that leap and begin to stop shaving. Just don’t shave. Stop shaving. Pin up a picture of a beard that inspires you, become that beard. Let that glorious man hair grow and live and be free. Be a man and live through that two weeks of itchiness, you will be rewarded. Treat your beard just like your head hair,wash with soap and conditioner.

If you feel discouraged, here’s a website to get you back in the beard growing spirit. The Beard Coach

Be inspired to get inspired with inspiration. Grow your beard, be beard proud!


Embrace the Beard.