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The Egg has been in little to no use mode recently.  But with three weeks off from work, I have major plans.  This first week provided time to implement my glorious cooking plans.

I started off with a rear quarter of a wild hog.  A buddy of mine got a whole hog, and we split it.  I cooked the front quarter, a few weeks ago, the deliciousness it provided was quite delicious.

IMG_3499 IMG_3507 IMG_3508 (more…)

Saturday was the celebration of Baby Gurr’s second year upon us earthlings as a beard’s beard. Two years ago, my wife and I were blessed by the Grand Beard who bestowed upon us a little baby girl with blue eyes that rival the prettiest blue water in the world and eye lashes that make models cry in a fit of jealousy. Yesterday we celebrated with friends, family and real people babies.

I love to cook, mainly meat and mainly on the Big Green Egg. I got to do a lot of that yesterday. The Egg had meat on it for a continuous 27 hours.

If you have ever had churrins before, you should and probably know all to well how sickness is a part of everyday as meltdowns are. The last two days, Baby Gurr has had the rhea. She has been a damn trooper though. She has powered through and made that little rhea her B, yo.

I know I am a damn good looking fella. But my Baby Gurr is way more betterer at looking and being a little hottie than I am.

The rest of this will be photos of the day. Enjoy.

Put your hands on your hip, when I dip you dip, we dip.










Listen here. Beards cooking BBQ is like chicken to fried chicken. The shift just goes together, without one, ya ain’t not never gonna get the other. I mean there ain’t not no other way to think about it.

So, tonight I will have a little pice on the 30 pounds of BBQ I’m cooking. There will be some lingo lessons as well. Here’s a preview